What to experience everything the Hana Highway has to offer in one day; but don't want to drive yourself or be stuck in a crowded van all day long? Want to stay a few days in Hana; but don't want to drive yourselves? Want to start later, see the sights without being rushed; but not have to drive back?

Now you can enjoy the day exploring the Hana Highway with our Private and Exclusive
"Hana Flyback" Tours. Instead of being on someone else's schedule all day, you can plan your day and make more stops that interest you. We offer (3) Options:

If you are staying on Maui, you and your party would meet us at the Kahului Airport and park your car in airport parking for the day ($15). We will then pick you up in our Vehicle and begin the journey to Hana. Or if you are arriving by ship, we would pick you up near the harbor. 

Our full-day affordable private tour consists of maneuvering through 617 hairpin curves and twists and going over 56 one-lane bridges on your journey to one of the most secluded spots on the islands. With seemingly endless waterfalls and tropical jungles, you'll have plenty of picture opportunities. Jonathan will point out all those out-of-the-way hidden treasures many visitors miss who drive themselves and the larger vans don't have time to stop at.

Option 1 HANA FLYBACK - You start later and get to explore the beauty and mystique known as the Road To Hana in the morning where you can take your time exploring the road. Your turn around point would be the flower garden. Because of the later starting time, this tour DOES NOT GO TO THE NATIONAL PARK (7 Pools) or Wailua Falls. In the afternoon you can swim Waia'napapa State Park black sand beach and then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring what Hana has to offer.

Option 2 HANA BEYOND FLYBACK - You explore the beauty and mystique known as the Road To Hana  and have a chance to swim at 200 ft Wailua  and Waia'napapa State Park Black Sand Beach in the afternoon and then spend the entire afternoon exploring what Hana has to offer:

Option 3 HANA BEYOND FLYIN - By flying into Hana at 8am, Jonathan will meet you at the Hana airport and take you out to the National Park (7 Pools) in the morning where you can swim or explore and have a chance to take the Pipiwai Trail to the Bamboo Forest and 400ft Waimoku Falls and then to 200 ft Wailua Falls for a quick dip and Wai'anapapa State Park Black Sand Beach in the afternoon and then spend the entire afternoon exploring the Hana Highway with less traffic.

On your special day(depending on the tour you choose) you can stop and explore a lava tube, bamboo forest, black sand and red sand beach, swim under a waterfall, or in a hidden fresh water cave. Then in the afternoon, when you all worn out from swimming and exploring, instead of having to drive the winding road all the way back to Kahului, just take a 20 minute comfortable Cessna flight from Hana to Kahului.  If you choose our Hana Reverse Flyback Tour you will take a 20 minute comfortable Cessna flight from Kahului to Hana in the morning and then you would enjoy the beauty known as the Road To Hana on the way back to your car waiting at the Kahului Airport.

​Option 4 - Want to spend a few days in Hana, but don't want to drive yourselves. Enjoy the day exploring the Hana Highway with either of our first two tours; but instead of flying back that night, we will drop you off at the Hotel or any of the rentals or B+B's in Hana and you Flyback on your own after your stay.

​The Difference in the 3 Tours

​With the Hana Flyback  Tour because of the late start, you will have time to see and explore the winding road to Hana; but DO NOT have the time necessary to go past Hana out to the National Park or 200ft Wailua Falls.

With the Hana Beyond Flyback tour because of the earlier start, you will have time to see and explore the winding road to Hana; and be able to pass Hana and swim at 200 ft Wailua Falls.

With the Hana Beyond Flyin tour because of the earlier start, you will be one of the first people to reach the National Park and you have 3 hours to do the Pipiwai Trail and then catch 220 ft Wailua Falls and Hamoa Beach on the way back to Hana to have lunch. Then you can visit the Black Sand Beach and Lava Tubes before heading back in the early afternoon to explore the winding road when it is less crowded.

All you do is fill out our availability form. Once we receive that, we will provide you with
available dates during your stay. Once you have available dates, call Mokulele Airlines at 
1-866-260-7070 and book your return flight from Hana Airport to Kahului Airport (holds up to 6 passengers) for one of those days Once you have your airline booking, we will reserve that day 
for you and your guests. All you do is let us know what time you need to check in  at the Hana 
Airport for your flight back and we will plan your day and activities around your schedule. 


Why spend more money to explore the Hana Highway for a few hours and then take a helicopter back at noon without getting a chance to swim at Wailua Falls, see a red sand beach or explore a Lava Tube. Why not take your time and enjoy what the Hana Highway has to offer by flying up or back (20 minutes) on a Cessna for a lot less. 

Our tours have a set price for two people and each additional person added lowers the price. You can bring your own lunch or we can stop for a hot local lunch in Hana. You miss flying over the crater; but you gain so much more(depending on what tour you decide on)

A Chance To Explore the Winding Road Without Being Rushed.
A Chance To Swim and Explore National Park (7 Pools)
A Chance To Swim At 200 ft Wailua Falls
A Chance to climb the Pipiwai Trail (Bamboo Forest)
A Chance to Swim at Wai'anapanapa Black Sand Beach
A Chance to Visit and Explore a Lava Tube 
(extra fees not included in price of tour)


We can start the road to Hana early or late, so you'll have the time needed to see and experience as much as possible. All of our stops are FAMILY FRIENDLY, which means no hike to any of our locations are more than 20 minutes, unless you want it to be and you don't have to be physically fit to enjoy them. 
( The Pipiwai Trail to 400 *ft Waimoku Falls, up and back will take about 3 hours)

So if you want to spend the day exploring the beauty and mystique known as the Hana Highway, why not let Hana 4 Less provide you with a day to remember and memories to treasure for a lifetime, with your own Private and Exclusive Tour for your family and friends. Why be placed on someone else's schedule, when you can PLAN YOUR DAY INSTEAD AND SEE AND DO ONLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO?

Something new that has just been made available for clients who decide to take the Flyback tour 

Now you can choose to see Hana and the coastline and waterfalls like no other tour can offer - by sky. By choosing the option of our Flyback tour, you now have the option of adding this before you flyback to your car, if you choose and the time needed without being RUSHED !!! 

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